Authors, Media Visibility, and Book PR

In every walk of life, some people are more outgoing than others and receive an outsized share of attention. It's no different among authors, but book promotion services pros know visibility is crucial for book launches. Given today's fierce competition, authors who step out in person at events, with the media, and online give their books promotional advantages. People can't buy and read what they don't know about, so making your books "discoverable" is vital. The most proven effective way is to reach your target readers with news of your book's publication. When you do, you'll sell more copies. 

When you promote your first book and build relationships with online influencers and the media, it's wise to take a long-term view. There are excellent reasons to expect you'll be asked for comments again if you provide helpful information the first time. With more savvy businesspeople becoming authors each year, media coverage could be the primary reason for writing your book. Authors command automatic respect, and you'll be seen as a more accomplished voice in your field. You'll have a leg up if you're competing for a new client against someone who hasn't published a book.  

Taking an analytical view of the situation also can be helpful. It's no secret that media organizations of all types are struggling with the pace of change and trying to keep up. An opportunity emerges as their readers and viewers continue to have high expectations, but staff budgets shrink. Authors can write articles for inclusion on news websites as editorial content. The PR opportunity lies in the ending bio of one or two lines where you can list your book title and website. It's a way to get yourself in front of new audiences and spark their interest. If your article is thought-provoking, it can spark interest in your book. 

Taking a coordinated view of your PR program is helpful because it will be more powerful when the elements work together. Online support is helpful, which means your social media, website, blog, or podcast. Success lies in engaging your target audience; the more ways you give them to connect with you, the better. As media coverage and articles you've written increase your visibility and stature, you'll spark book sales, invitations to give speeches, and more. Over time, you'll become better known and more often considered for opportunities. Becoming an author can give your career a boost. 

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