Taste the Real Rajasthani Cuisine with Chokhi Dhani's Rajasthani Thali in Dubai

Chokhi Dhani's magnificent Rajasthani Thali Dubai offers a rich culinary tapestry of Rajasthan right in the heart of Dubai. Nestled in the heart of Dubai's busy streets, Chokhi Dhani allows patrons to experience the rich traditions of Rajasthan through a delectable trip, all within the charming setting of its well-known eatery.

Rajasthani Thali: A Taste of Tradition


The signature Rajasthani Thali, a platter filled with a variety of flavorful and aromatic dishes that capture the spirit of Rajasthan's culinary legacy, is the centrepiece of Chokhi Dhani's menu. The Rajasthani Thali is a symphony of flavors, textures, and colors, meticulously curated to offer diners an authentic taste of Rajasthan in every bite.

A Culinary Extravaganza


Enter Chokhi Dhani's warm atmosphere, which is filled with classic Rajasthani furnishings, and be ready to be mesmerised by the delectable treats that lie ahead. At Chokhi Dhani, the Rajasthani Thali is a sumptuous feast that showcases a variety of dishes honouring the varied culinary customs of the area.

Each dish tells a tale steeped in culinary prowess and tradition, from the fiery tang of Laal Maas, a traditional Rajasthani lamb curry cooked to perfection with aromatic spices, to the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of Dal Baati Churma, a hearty combination of lentils, baked bread rolls, and sweetened wheat crumbs.


Savour the subtle flavours of Gatte ki Sabzi, a savoury curry made with gramme flour dumplings, and the rich, decadent texture of Ker Sangri, a special Rajasthani dish made with berries and desert beans. A variety of breads, such as crispy papads and steaming Rotis, round out the savoury treats, giving the culinary spectacular texture and diversity.

Captivating Dining Experience


In addition to delicious food, Chokhi Dhani provides guests with an engaging dining experience that embodies the vivid culture and warmth of Rajasthan. Every minute spent at Chokhi Dhani is imbued with the warmth and beauty of Rajasthani hospitality, from live folk performances that reverberate with the songs of the region to traditional puppet displays that captivate guests of all ages.

A Dubai Culinary Sanctuary


Chokhi Dhani is a gastronomic haven where locals and tourists alike can enjoy the real flavours of Rajasthan in the middle of Dubai's busy cityscape. Chokhi Dhani is guaranteed to satiate your senses and leave you wanting more, regardless of your level of expertise with Indian food or your desire for novel culinary experiences.


Offering discriminating guests a memorable voyage through the flavours and customs of Rajasthan, Chokhi Dhani stands out as a beacon of authenticity in the colourful tapestry of Dubai's culinary environment. Chokhi Dhani invites you to embark on a culinary trip unlike any other—a voyage that embraces the timeless charm of Rajasthan's culinary heritage, right in the heart of Dubai—with its delicious Rajasthani Thali and immersive dining experience.


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