How to Watch Gintama in Order

Gintama is a series filled with ten tons of parody gags, but with an actual interesting story behind it. Unfortunately, it can be one of those series that are really difficult to get into because the many different seasons have an odd naming scheme. What’s more, Gintama is episodic so what happens in the previous episode may not be super relevant for the next, yet the serious sections have arcs which means there are times you do need to watch it in order.  It makes the show slower and more unpredictable.

However, in the same vein as Jojo’ Bizarre Adventure, once you have gotten into it, you REALLY get into it. So if you are trying to break in – we got you.

The Complete and Simple Gintama Watch Order

This watch order for Gintama is simple to follow and is for people that don’t want to skip episodes or don’t care enough to watch any movies.

Remember: Punctuation in the titles are important.

Gintama – The number one Gintama rule is skip the first two episodes and start at Episode 3. The first two are celebrating that the manga got an anime adaptation and aren’t particularly funny.Gintama: Benizakura-HenGintama’Gintama’ EnchousenGintama°Gintama.Gintama. Porori-HenGintama. Shirogane no Tamashii-Hen The Complete Gintama Watch Order With Skippable Episodes

I’ll admit that I am not super into Gintama. However, if you want to be, there is this crazy watch guide complete with which episodes to skip for the best viewing experience. You can read it here in the Google doc it is made and maintained in since it is both very long and detailed. Also, I’m not super into stealing the hard work of others.

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