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    Apr 17, 2018

    Kojou Akatsuki was a normal high school student, but his normal life comes to an end when an encounter with a vampire leaves him with magnificent abilities. As it turns out, he is the once thought mythical fourth primogenitor, whose power is immense. Fearing the destructive potential of his powers, the Lion King Organization dispatches sword-shaman Yukina to monitor him and kill him if he becomes a threat. Unfortunately, she is not the only one with eyes on him.

    There are a lot of vampire anime series out there, but this is one of the few to try to put a twist on it. As to whether or not it works with its harem and comedy, that’s for you to decide. However, if you want anime series similar to it, give these anime recommendations a try.

    For Fans of Powerful Young Vampires

    Blood Lad

    Staz Charlie Blood is a powerful vampire that rules the Eastern section of the Demon World. While rumor will tell you he is blood-thirsty and vicious, in reality, he is just a big otaku. While his underlings manage his world, he spends his days mired in anime and manga. However, when a Japanese girl accidentally wanders into his realm, Staz is thrilled, only to be heartbroken by her untimely death. Now Staz vows to resurrect her, but probably because it means he gets to go to the human world.

    Both Strike the Blood and Blood Lad have the similarity of taking typical monsters, in this case vampires, and using them in a not so typical way. With many dashes of comedy to break up the action, both overall become very fun shows. However, unlike Blood Lad, Strike the Blood has a distinct harem aspect.

    Seraph of the End

    After a mysterious virus killed every human over 13 years old, the vampires rose up with a promise to protect the survivors. The only thing they asked in return is donations of blood. For Yuuichirou and Mikaela, they have grown tired of being livestock and pose a daring escape plan. It ultimately fails with only Yuuichirou left alive. However, after joining up with a mercenary company, he swears vengeance on the vampires, no matter the cost.

    Both anime series are about vampires and have some pretty stunning fights, more so in Seraph of the End. However, the key difference is that while a vampire is somewhat of a major character in Seraph of the End, the main character is human. The roles are a bit reversed in Strike the Blood. It is also worth noting that Seraph of the End takes its plot a little more seriously.


    After being saved from a vampire attack, high school student Koyomi Araragi finds he has several supernatural side effects. While trying to live a normal life, he ends up catching a classmate after falling down the stairs and finds she is near weightless. Thus begins to his foray into a weird and wonderful world.

    Unlike Strike the Blood, Bakemonogatari doesn’t put a huge focus on the whole vampire aspect, even if the main character kind of is one. What these two really have in common is their interesting action and the main character’s uncanny ability to attract a harem.

    For Fans of Action Harems


    After 16-year-old Kusanagi Godou defeats the God of War in mortal combat, he is stuck with the position of Campione, or God Slayer. His job now is to defeat any Heretical Gods that try to muscle in. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he’s also attracted a bevy of female followers that are there to serve him in his duties.

    In Strike the Blood, girls just keep showing up and becoming the main character’s biggest fan. The main character in Campione has the same problem, but at least they are up front and comical about it. If you are looking for a series about girls just berating the main character, you can do no finer.

    Demon King Daimao

    Dreaming of changing the world for good, Akuto Sai transfers to the Constant Magic Academy, but his simple school life all changes when it is prophesized that he will become the fierce and evil Demon King. Although his school mates now fear him, Akuto will not let his destiny lead him off his path.

    Both shows are about once normal guys being thrust into some sort of destiny that gives them great power. As such, they then attract a bunch of girls that either want to help him or kill him, and slowly they build a pretty sassy harem around them. However, if you ever wished Strike the Blood was more ecchi, this will fulfil your dream.

    Trinity Seven

    After the red sun stops shining, Arata Kasuga’s hometown disappeared along with all the people. However, he manages to create an artificial world for himself by using a mysterious grimoire. One day, his artificial world crumbles and a mysterious girl demands he hand over the grimoire. Instead, he ends up enrolling in a secret magic school with six others. Together, they bolster each other’s magic as the Trinity Seven.

    This is another show like Strike the Blood where the main character just kind of falls into a position of great power only to become the target of a more powerful woman that ends up his keeper. While Trinity Seven isn’t strictly a harem, it gives off those sort of vibes, but it does have some pretty interesting magic elements to it.

    For Fans of Randomly OP Main Characters

    The Devil is a Part-Timer

    Right on the verge of taking over the world, evil Demon Lord Satan was foiled by the hero Emilia and was forced to retreat through a dimensional portal. He ends up in this world where he is without powers and without money. In order to pay his way, he gets a part-timer job slinging fast food.

    The roles are a bit reversed in The Devil is a Part-Timer, the main character was incredibly powerful and evil. He then got transported to our modern world where he is weaker and slowly becomes somewhat of a good guy. However, like in Strike the Blood he does gain a sort of spastic female watcher that threatens to kill him often.

    Blue Exorcist

    Humans and demons have always been separated by two different worlds, humans in Assiah and demons in Gehenna. The only way to travel between the worlds is by possession, which is how Satan, the ruler of Gehenna, wages his war. Blue Exorcist follows Rin Okumura, a somewhat trouble teen and son of Satan. However, while his father wants him to help conquer the human world, Rin decides to become an exorcist to fight him instead.

    Both shows start with a normal protagonist who eventually awakens to incredible power. While both are very much action shows, in Blue Exorcist there is less comedy and less of a harem aspect. In essence, Strike the Blood is more slice of life action while Blue Exorcist is straight shounen action.

    Black Bullet

    In the near future, humanity was infected by a parasitic virus know as Gastrea that turns them into monsters. To counter the Gastrea monster threat, a group of kids known as the Cursed Children were created by being infused with a small dose of the virus, just enough to give them superhuman abilities and fight for what remains of the human race.

    It is not so much the setting and plot of Black Bullet where its similarities to Strike the Blood lie, but with the characters and their relationships. In both shows, you have a main character paired with a female that treats them rather aggressively as they fight together.

    Do you have any more anime recommendations like Strike the Blood? Let us know in the comment section below.

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