Anime Series Like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Talented in the art of alchemy, brothers Edward and Al Elric tried to bring their mother back from the dead, something that goes against all alchemic principles. When things go horribly wrong, Edward loses his left leg and Al loses his whole body, only saved after his brother sacrifices an arm to bind his soul to a suit of armor. Three years later, the brothers set out on a journey to find a mythical relic that may be able to return Al to his body once again. However, throughout their travels, the brothers find themselves pulled into a series of events that threatens everyone.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a permanent staple on the top list of many an anime fan. For those who want to keep that feeling going, give these anime recommendations a try.

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For Fans of Shounen Plots on the Darker Side

Hunter X Hunter

Twelve-year-old Gon Freecss is determined to become a world-class Hunter, a skilled individual that perform all manner of dangerous tasks, in order to find out what happened to his father.  However, Gon finds that the path to achieving his goals is more challenging than he could have ever imagined, but in order to overcome it, Gon recruits some powerful friends.

Both Hunter X Hunter and Fullmetal Alchemist are actually remakes of their original anime series, both of which follow their source material more closely. That aside, both series also feature plots that get increasingly dark for this particular genre as well as a wide array of well developed characters.

Code Geass

The Holy Empire of Britannia has conquered much of the world, including Japan, now renamed Area 11. Their tyranny has given rise to a number of resistance groups in Japan and abroad, seeking to regain independence. Enter Lelouch Lamperouge, exiled prince of Britannia, now living in Japan. When he finds himself caught in the crossfire in a battle between the military and the resistance, he finds himself able to escape thanks to a mysterious girl and the power she grants him, the power of absolute obedience.

Although in two different genres, there are actually a lot of similarities between Fullmetal Alchemist and Code Geass. Both main characters end up having to sacrifice a lot for something as well as have massive daddy issues. They both feature well written and extensive plot lines with government conspiracies, war, and political affairs, all shown off with fast-paced and interesting action.


With the dangling carrot of granting any wish, the Holy Grail has already triggered three wars that were too brutal to have a victor. However, the Einzbern family believes the Fourth Holy Grail War to be in their favor after hiring a vicious killer to remove the other participants.  With each participant entering into a survival game aided by their ancient familiar, there will be no mercy.

Both Fullmetal Alchemist and Fate/Zero take place in a world where magic (or alchemy) are very real, even though Fate/Zero is more modern in setting. Fully packed with both action and intrigue, both series are the type of shows that keep you excited for the next episode while still be peppered with extremely brutal moments.

For Fans of Human Weapons

D.Gray Man

After three years training with one of their prestigious Generals that saved him as a kid, Allen Walker is finally ready to join the Black Order, an organization of exorcists that fight Akuma and their leader, the Millennium Earl. With their Innocence weapons, Allen and his fellow exorcist embark on a journey to stop the Earl’s plot of ultimate destruction.

Like Brotherhood, D.Gray Man also features a similar early 20th century setting and worlds where the characters have some sort of special ability via either Innocence of Alchemy. The plot ultimately follows a group of villains which have a secret agenda that is unraveled over time, and both main characters have one abnormal arm.

Soul Eater

Death City is home to the famous Shibusen Academy where Lord Death himself trains the next generation of Death Scythes, human weapons that shinigami wield against the many evils of this world. The students of Shibusen must collect souls to power up their Death Scythes as well as protect their city from harm.

Both anime series ultimately deal with the topic of human weapons as well as competing factions that may or may not have more motives than what meets the eye. If you enjoyed the occasional humor of Fullmetal Alchemist, then Soul Eater is a good anime to follow up with.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Delinquent and all-around thug Yusuke Urameshi has a dim future, but one day when he jumps in front of a car to save a child, he has no future at all except death. However, his selfless sacrifice gained the attention of the authorities from the spirit realm and they decide to give Yusuke an opportunity to regain his life. He must become a Spirit Detective and complete a number of tasks that protect the world of the living.

Both anime series feature strong action, as well as some very dark themes. One of the biggest similarities between the two is that the characters are strongly developed, including the villains, which overall lends to a strong plot. Both series also end up with the main protagonist dealing with their previously absent father as well.

For Fans of Alchemy and/or Magic


Baccano follows the seemingly unrelated events of a series of characters spanning different times and different places. However, it is ultimately part of a much larger story, one that tells the tales of alchemy, immortality, and survival.

Naturally, the biggest similarity between these two series is that they both extensively deal with alchemy. However, the alchemy in Baccano isn’t the same fast-paced fire throwing sort that is in Brotherhood. The two also share a similar time setting as well as some truly stunning characters.


Aladdin, a young magician raised in isolation, is eager to explore the world and begins his journey accompanied by his djinn Ugo. After accidentally destroying his cart, merchant Alibaba suggests they go conquer a dungeon together to cover the costs. As it turns out, these are the first steps on a journey that will change the fate of the world.

Fundamentally, FMA and Magi are similar. Both feature two characters that are close like brothers (though in FMA, they actually are brothers), both follow the characters as they go on a journey to fulfill their goals while ultimately helping others, and both series feature a story that gives new hope to the world. While Fullmetal Alchemist has more fast-paced fights, they both feature a good bit of humor as well as drama.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The revered Holy Knights of Britannia use their immense magical power to protect the ruler of Liones. However, a group of knights, later called the “Seven Deadly Sins,” left the order and tried to overthrow their ruler. They were defeated, but rumor has it that they are still around. Ten years later, the Knights turn their swords on the ruler of Liones that they swore to protect, but is there a group that can stand up to these tyrannical new rulers?

Both anime series feature a group that is inspired by the seven deadly sins, or rather a group that personifies those sins. That is the most obvious similarity, but they also have short, blonde badasses as the main characters as well as huge doses of humor throughout.

Have your own recommendations for anime series like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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