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Understand Your PC Components — A Smart Way To Create Your Computer List


After a thorough analysis and passing through different stores, it seemed nothing worked for you, so you have finally decided to build a PC. And the reason could be budget restraint. It could also be your need to add customized accessories or features to make your PC suitable for your requirements.

With so many options to choose from and manufacturers rolling out new PCs after every few months, is building your PC sound logical? The process of creating a PC itself might be easy, but selecting the right graphics cards, motherboard, processor, or even RAM that might meet your needs and budget is not easy. There are several aspects to building a PC but what might bother you is where can I buy computer parts online? Of course, you can search different online stores and do comparative analysis.

Here we are to help you to make your PC building experience easy and conducive. This guide will so help you get your planning and research started and you will know from where you can get the best deals on the computer components.

Here are the best weekend PC component deals for your PC venture:

Cost and Budget

Forget everything, the first thing that you need to contemplate is the budget and your motive. If you want to build your PC for gaming purposes, you need a different set of components like graphic cards. The budget then can get pushed up and it can also leave you wondering the question where can I buy gaming computers near me?

You have to calculate a budget. A dollar value of a system that might cost you around 700 to 800 bucks could be far more than the value you can utilize from a $ 5000 giant. The lesser is the budget, the more you need to stretch each dollar to get many PC components. Ask a question to yourself whether you need the best gaming PC or a home theater PC.

You can also contemplate whether you want to edit the video in 4k. All these require different components to maximize savings and increase performance.

After calculating the budget and exactly what you wanted to do with your PC, decide on the form. Whether you need Intel or AMD.

Though many PCs can handle any task, focus on the PC components you require.

CPU or Central Processing Unit

CPU is a very essential part of any PC build. Selecting the best processor begins with deciding between AMD or Intel as these are the chipmakers in the category. It is a matter to pick the right part of the budget. MD Athlon, Intel Pentium, and Celeron are affordable and suited for computing activities. Meanwhile Intel Core and AMD Ryzen serve the gamut of users who are seeking to go from a cheap HTPC to a more advanced version. At the high end of the tier, you can also choose to have Intel Core X and AMD Ryzen Threadripper. These can carry intense loads like video production, 3D modeling, and streaming gamers.



There is no such CPU that operates without a motherboard. It depends on the type of chip you intend to select. For enough storage, you need ATX, E-ATX, and XL-ATX boards and hefty graphics card setups. And if you need smaller systems, you require Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX. Both offer compact size components. Your choice of processor also ensures the CPU sockets lineups for instance Intel Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake, but the former needs a 300-series chipset while the latter is launched with the 200-series chipset.

Graphic Cards

Graphic cards determine if our desktop can visually render the components. While PCs will get away with only integrated graphics and even 4K streaming, creating your gaming box and media needs the discrete graphical power that only a dedicated GPU can provide. If you need to play games at 1080p seek Nividia, GeForce GTX, or 1660 TI.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

You need RAM to ensure speed and for the proper running of the machine. RAM stores ample information for a limited time for quick completion of tasks. You should favor capacity over speed while considering performance. It is best to opt for the Hyper X Fury and G.Skill Rampage for speed and reliability. For gaming and web browsing, 8GB speed is best, but for the whole recommended is 16 GB.

You also need to look into Power Supply, Storage, CPU Coolers, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. You can find information about these components online.

And there are many more computer components and accessories, and as I have mentioned it depends on your budget and needs.

Let us now come to the question.

Where Can I Buy Computer Parts Online

There are many online stores where you can buy your gaming computers or buy computer parts online. But you should find the one where you can compare the components of the different brands, their specifications, and their price. You will find compatible internal hard drives and solid-state hard drives. It is pertinent to track the value and check the fluctuating costs in different online stores.

Games N Comps is one of the leading online shores online to offer different computer parts, including graphic cards. You can avail of great deals with the components. Buy one Radeon Graphic Card and get a free Logitech Gaming Mouse. You can also get heavy discounts and offers on the products. The company facilitates the assembling of your PC at considerably cheaper rates. You will also come to know if any part is incompatible?

Shopping for your gaming and computer products should be easy and smooth. It should bring a smile to your face. And this you will get in this online store. It is a repository for PCs, its components and accessories offering them deals on your products which you have been waiting since along. Sit cozily at your home, spend less and buy what you need, and assemble your PC.

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