Custom Prints Make Your E-Juice Packaging Look Visually Appealing; Here’s How

E-juice packaging has seen a rise in the market due to many companies making e-juice products. This growing competition demands that companies develop custom e-juice packaging that can help pull potential customers towards their products. 

One way to do that is to decorate the packaging with custom prints. 

This article will look at the various printing techniques and color models that can help you make e-juice boxes that rise above the cheap e-juice boxes.

Printing Techniques Used To Make The Best E-Juice Boxes

Printing techniques can help elevate any packaging to the next level. They allow companies to decorate the e-juice packaging to represent beautiful artwork. Thus, brands can use this opportunity to fulfill a host of marketing needs. 

They can add eye-catching custom prints to their e-juice boxes and make them stand out from their cheap counterparts. Furthermore, custom prints can help you add custom prints to the packaging and increase their value. You can do this by printing important information about the products and the brand. 

Moreover, printing techniques help you display new products and services on the packaging. However, that is not all. You can use custom printed e-juice boxes to enhance your branding.

Before we dive into the details of these printing techniques, it will help if you ask some vital questions before selecting a printing technique.

These questions are as follows:

  • Is print quality your top priority

  • What is the number of custom printed e-juice boxes you want to make?

  • Do you want to experiment with variations in the print design?

  • Are you willing to make a significant investment of time and money before the printing starts?

  • How quickly do you want to complete the order?

Now that we have discussed the importance of printing techniques let’s dive into the various widely used options in the industry.

Following are the printing techniques that can help you remain cost-effective while making wholesale e-juice boxes.

  • Offset Printing Technique

  • Digital Printing Technique

Let’s study these printing techniques in a bit more detail.

Offset Printing Technique

The offset printing technique is an old method of printing that allows brands to make the best print quality. This technique works by using various plates. These plates have different tasks, such as transferring the ink and carrying the design to the packaging material. 

The formation of these plates is a time-consuming process. Thus, companies should be mindful of the extra time needed to produce custom prints using this technique. Furthermore, when using this technique, brands have to make a significant initial investment to start manufacturing the plates. 

That being said, if you are a brand that wants to create a large volume of custom printed e-juice packaging that can crush the cheap e-juice boxes, opt for the offset printing technique. 

Digital Printing Technique

The digital printing technique is a relatively new technique that was created with the onset of new digital technologies. This method works much like the common office printer. That is, a digital source transfers a digital image directly to the printer. 

Then, the printer sprays jets of ink on the packaging material surface. The different inks are present as droplets as they travel from the nozzle to the packaging surface. Thus, the different inks mix in the air and end up creating various shades. 

The digital printing method’s advantage is that brands can go through trial and error to finalize their print design. Furthermore, this technique does not require any printing plates. Thus, printing can start as soon as the order comes in.

Digital printing provides a good print quality. However, it is not comparable to the offset printing technique. Even though this technique can cater to small and large-volume orders, it is only economical when catering to small-volume orders.  

One important point to note when using the digital printing method is that it cannot accommodate the PMS color model; more on that in the following section.

Color Models That Help You Adorn The E-Juice Packaging With Vibrant Shades

When talking about printing techniques, we have to mention color models. Many color models in the world help printers and designers figure out the different colors in a design. The most common color models used in the packaging industry are as follows:

  • CMYK Color Model

  • PMS Color Model

These two models have distinct properties. The CMYK color model help brands create vibrant shades by mixing four colors. However, it will be helpful to keep in mind that it can be extremely challenging to recreate the same shades again. 

Furthermore, the CMYK color model has some problems when it comes to color consistency.

To overcome this problem brands, prefer the PMS color model. This model can be extremely helpful if you want to enhance your branding. The Pantone Matching System works by assigning special codes to over 1800 colors in its spectrum.

Each color is kept separate. Thus, there is no problem with color consistency. Furthermore, brands can choose to recreate the same shade with ease. 

Whether you want to make wholesale e-juice boxes or custom printed e-juice packaging boxes that can pull customers from afar, you need attractive visuals. Knowing about the printing techniques and color models helps you take a step closer to that goal.

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