Anime Series Like Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

With sketchbook always on hand, Midori Asakusa has a passion for drawing both the world around her and the world in her boundless imagination. In stark contrast, her best friend Sayaka Kanamori and her calculated approach to life keeps her grounded. After a chance encounter with model Tsubame Misuzaki who has a passion for drawing characters, Kanamori, sensing a money-making opportunity, suggests they start an animation club.

Take this anime series frame by frame and you will see that it is a love letter to animation and not at all as weird as you have come to expect from Masaaki Yuasa. For anime recommendations similar to Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, head on down below.

For Fans of Anime About Making Anime


The five members of the Kaminoyama High School animation club all make a pledge to make their project for the school cultural festival a huge success, then afterwards move to Tokyo and work in the industry. Fast forward two years in the future and two members have made their dream a reality, but making anime is no easy task.

Both shows are about making anime on a different level. Shirobako is professionals and Eizouken is students. As such, you watch Eizouken have to learn all the stuff that these professionals already know so it is a little more educational in that way. Although, mostly Eizouken is just odd comedy.


Sasahara Kanji is a college freshmen and hopes to join a club to share his secret thoughts about anime, manga, and gaming. While ardently believing he is not an otaku, he gets utterly humbled by a member of the society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, the club he wants to join. Will Kanji be able to accept his otakuness?

While Genshiken is about an anime club, it isn’t like your typical anime club in an anime. It showcases more realistic issues with anime culture than your standard weeb bait anime club anime series. While not the same love letter as Eizouken, it does respect its fanbase enough to not pretend anime clubs are perfect.

Girlish Number

Determined not to have a boring adult life, Chitose begins training as a voice actor so she can work at her brother’s voice acting agency. However, when she only lands minor roles and starts clashing with other agency girls, Chitose learns that the industry is more competitive than she imagined and it will take a lot more effort to be successful.

Making anime and being a voice actor seem pretty easy, but the real truth is that it likely isn’t. Both series explore different aspects of the process, but approach both realistically.

For Fans of Girl Groups Doing Things

A Place Further Than The Universe

Upon discovering an old list she made in the last year of middle school, Mari Tamaki, who is now in her second year of high school realizes she is not making the most of her youth. Whenever she tries to do something new, she is paralyzed with inaction. Then one day she meets Shirase, a girl who’s mother went missing when she was in middle school on an expedition to Antarctica. Knowing full well it is close to impossible, she works hard in order to go to search for her mother and invites Mari along for the ride.

Both shows are about a group of girls with a goal. However, the real similarity between these two series is that the series likes to teeter in between fantasy and reality. In A Place Further Than The Universe, the goal seems unrealistic, but they explore a very realistic way of getting there. In Eizouken the girls literally teeter between their imagination and making that a reality.

O Maidens in Your Savage Season

The girls of the literature club have recently been reading sexually charged pieces of literature. This combined with a newfound interest in adult relationships sends each member spiraling off into the world of sex and intimate relations.

Both stories center around girls in a club doing club activities. O Maidens is more about puberty than their club, but both shows display interesting female characters in a soft sort of art style.


Upon entering high school, Yui is immediately entranced by the Light Music Club. The problem is, she can’t play an instrument. Deciding to join the club anyway, the other club members, despite disappointment in her lack of musical knowledge, allow her to join to prevent the club’s disbandment. Today begins Yui’s musical education!

K-on and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken are both about passionate girls with one key difference – the girls in Eizouken are good at their craft. K-on’s crew often struggles to be an actual good band while Eizouken struggles to not be discovered and disbanded.

For Fans of Energetic and Interesting Aesthetics


After his brother moved to America, Naota was left to his own mundane existence with his grandfather and father in his small town. However, one day while walking home with Mamimi, his brother’s ex-girlfriend, Naota is hit by a Vespa. Its rider, a crazy pink haired woman, gets off, kisses him, smacks him on the head with her guitar, and then speeds away. This marks the end of Naota’s boring life and the beginning of a never-ending string of weird events.

You can’t look at an energetic anime and not compare it to some scenes in FLCL that move at such a clip you need to rewatch them to get all the details. Whereas the energy in Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken comes from passionate characters, FLCL is like a hyper kid telling a story – it gets so excited that the details become hard to keep up with because you are being distracted by hand motions and sound effects.

Windy Tales

Nao is the president of her school’s digital photography club, which only has one other member. Instead of trying to grow the club, Nao spends he time taking pictures of clouds. One day, when she goes to her usual shoot spot on the school roof, she sees a cat that can control the wind. Much to her surprise, when she tries to picture it, she falls off the roof and ends up being saved by her wind-controlling math teacher.

Both series have a little off kilter animation and a bit of a frenetic way of storytelling. Windy Tales is often weird and sometimes confusing. Alternatively, considering it is a Yuasa series, you expect the same it Eizouken but remains rather restrained. Regardless, both tell stories about people that enjoy capturing scenes and tell those stories in odd ways.

From the New World

After the sudden outbreak of psychokinesis, the .01% of the population that developed it started using their powers for nefarious means. Far into the future, the town of Kamisu 66 is wholly populated by psychics with the young Saki being one of the most recent to awaken her powers. Finally she can join the rest of her friends at the Sage Academy. However, her school days are plagued with questions that threaten to unravel the dark secrets of her idyllic village.

In plot, From The New World and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken have absolutely nothing to do with each other except that they follow school children. However, what they do have in common is beautiful, non-traditional animation with the occasional bout of whimsy and surreal visuals. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken shows a passion for animation while From the New World shows a lot of care and passion into building a beautiful and morally dark world.

Do you have more anime series similar to Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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