Anime Series to Watch While Under Quarantine

Weebs in the anime community know a thing or two about self-isolating. Just whip out that waifu pillow and start peppering your sentences with Japanese words – suddenly people are all about keeping their distance.

Jokes aside, as a person who only leaves their house about twice a month to shop, let me tell you that the first week of staying home is super fun and flush with stuff to do – but its every week after that where it gets a little dicey. If you are bored – so truly, unimaginably bored – now is the time to check a few things off your anime list. If you, for whatever reason, don’t know where to start – we got anime recommendations.

Pick Something Lengthy

Guys, if you can’t get into an anime like One Piece with hundreds of episodes now when you are trapped in your house for a month, it just isn’t going to happen. If One Piece isn’t for you, or you have already tackled that particular monster, other long-running anime series to watch include:

Detective Conan Gintama Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Naruto All of the Gundam Series All of the Monogatari Series Fully Embrace the Apocalypse

So, it’s probably not the end of days, but the following days aren’t going to be the easiest ever. Why not dive deep into some series that show things could be a bit worse. Good apocalypse / post-apocalypse anime series include entries like:

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 High School of the Dead Dr. Stone Terra Formars (Mostly because it has an Earth ravaged by disease, too) From the New World Indulge in the Classics

It is okay to be a casual anime fan and watch what you like. However, if you want to be a hardcore weeb for some reason, you need to be familiar with anime classics such as:

Cowboy Bebop Neon Genesis Evangelion Fist of the North Star Mobile Suit Gundam Ghost in the Shell Explore Netflix

Guys, I have been super impressed with Netflix lately. They have really upper their game in the past few months. They have a solid collection now that will keep you busy for a spell. Beastars, Akame ga Kill, Skilled Teaser Takagi-San, 7 SEEDS, and even honorary anime members like Castlevania are good ways to spend a few hours on the couch.

Watch Something Highly Underrated

The coronavirus was unfortunate enough to strike during what wasn’t exactly an amazing new anime season. This season hasn’t been bad, but it is not exactly flush with “must watch” shows. Instead of sifting your way through, maybe it is time to watch some super underrated anime like:

Paranoia Agent D-Frag Tsuritama Eden of the East O Maidens in Your Savage Season Infinite Ryvius A Soothing AF Anime

With luck, you won’t panic at all. After this is all over, the people you care about with be healthy and alive, you will have a job to go back to, food to eat, and a place to live. However, if one of those cards in your house of cards starts to get a bit wiggly, try these soothing anime series to calm down.

My Roommate is a Cat The Flying Witch Barakamon Amanchu Laid Back Camp Non Non Biyori Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

So what are your personal anime recommendations that you’d tell people to watch if they had a month of free time? Let them know in the comments section below.

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