Anime Series Like ID: Invaded

In this world, crimes are able to be solved by piecing together a criminal’s unconscious mind in ID-wells. However, in order to enter these ID-wells, you must be a killer yourself. Enter brilliant detective Akihito Narihisago. After his daughter was murdered, he sought vengeance on the killer and is currently serving his sentence. However, under the name Sakaido, he enters the ID-wells in order to help his fellow detective piece together crimes.

Intriguing in concept and occasionally not so great in execution, ID provides an overall interesting mystery show for the standard murder junkie. If you want more anime recommendations like ID: Invaded, head on down below.

For Fans of Future Detectives


In the 22nd century, the justice system has changed. The Sibyl System now determines the threat level of each citizen by examining their mental state for criminal intent. This has become known as their Psycho-Pass. Once criminal intent has been identified, Inspectors like Akane Tsunemori, are in charge of subjugating them. However, this tough job is not without dangers. This is why Inspectors are paired with Enforcers, like Shinya Kougami, latent criminals with just the right amount of psychopath to keep other criminals in their place.

When you watch ID, if you have seen Psycho-Pass already, it is impossible to not come to mind. Both take place in futures in which technology has a major affect on how crimes are either solved or prevented by examining the mind. You also have to be a criminal in order to carry out some actions. Furthermore, you have a main character in ID that is a combination of the two main characters in Psycho-Pass.

Ghost in the Shell

In the not so distant future, mankind has advanced to a state where the transplant of the complete body from flesh to machine is possible. This has blurred the lines between physical and technological worlds. Unfortunately, criminals can also make use of this technology, which led to the rise of Sector 9, a government agency that operates independently and deals with this new kind of cyber crime.

Both series follow detectives trying to solve crime using the help of technology in an advanced society. Ghost in the Shell follows cyborgs committing and solving crimes whereas ID uses a tech system to solve murders. Different, but still often involves a lot of exposition.

Real Drive

It wasn’t long after mankind created the Network society that linked people on a conscious level before people started linking data and manipulating information. To combat this, people called divers were enlisted to dive into the Network and investigate these incidents.

Essentially, these two shows have a very similar premise, but Real Drive features less symbolism in the system and takes a more straightforward approach. Furthermore, the consciousness isn’t limited to criminals like it is in ID, so sometimes it is more mundane.

For Fans of Murder Mysteries

The Perfect Insider

Genius programmer Shiki Magata lives on an island as a recluse. She rarely takes guests, but a professor and his student manage to get a meeting. Soon after their meeting is cut short and they both find themselves in a locked room murder mystery.

While ID handles many cases, The Perfect Insider is all about one big mystery. In a way, it is a quality over quantity sort of affair as The Perfect Insider allows for the suspense to be built up and a number of misdirections to happen whereas ID doesn’t have the time per individual mystery.

B the Beginning

In the technologically advanced archipelago nation of Cremona, the city is terrorized by a serial killer called Killer B. On the hunt for this killer, the paths of many converge as the city spirals into chaos.

Both series follow detectives with dark pasts that solve murder mysteries. They are both somewhat dark shows, but different stylistically. B is definitely more noir compared to the surrealism that the ID-wells provide in ID.


Dr Kenzou Tenma has the perfect life as one of the world’s most renowned brain surgeons. However, one night he is presented with a doctor’s most painful choice – to save an injured child or the mayor, both mortally wounded. Against his colleague’s advice, he saves the kid. However, when a series of crimes start happening around him, all evidence points to the child he saved.

Both Monster and ID follow a main character that has had something terrible happen to them. In response to that, they hunt down criminals, albeit for different reasons. Both are thrillers, but your will find Monster to definitely be the more suspenseful series as there is often much more risk involved.

For Fans of Mindfuckery

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplance

On an otherwise ordinary day, junior high student Yoshio Kobayashi wakes up in his classroom to find his teacher brutally murdered, and he holding the weapon that did it. After the initial shock wears off, Yoshio is secretly thrilled by the attempt to frame him and drags his friend into the case. Together, they embark on a brilliant mystery to try and prove Yoshio’s innocence.

Compared to ID, Rampo Kitan is a little more off the rails in terms of mystery. However, both shows, once they get going can really mess with your mind as it goes about solving its murder mysteries.

Boogiepop Phantom

Everyone knows about Boogiepop. The legend goes that if you meet her one dark night, you will be taken. However, the rumors of Boogiepop which coincided with a string of grisly murders that happened five years ago have started to whirl up again. Something is out there. Are you safe?

Both series craft intriguing mysteries that draw you in. However, while ID is sci-fi in its themes, Boogiepop is more paranormal. Furthermore, Boogiepop is also a longer running mystery compared to the crimes in ID that are often solved per episode.

Ergo Proxy

The domed city of Romdo is the last bastion of civilization. Inside, humans are assisted by AutoReiv androids in their daily life. However, when the AutoReivs start going haywire, Re-l is sent to investigate. Elsewhere, an immigrant called Vincent Law is blamed for the virus causing the AutoReivs to go haywire. Through circumstance, the pair of forced together and strike out into the wasteland looking for answers.

While both shows are in more technologically advanced futures, Ergo Proxy is distinctively more post-apocalyptic. While it starts as a mystery series similar to ID, it eventually moves on into something wholly more philosophical. Like ID, it examines more than just solving crimes, but the morals behind the way they do things.

Do you have any more anime series similar to ID: Invaded? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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