How to Watch the Queen’s Blade Anime in Order

You decided to pick of Queen’s Blade as an anime because you likely saw any one of the characters in their fighting armor and were like, “Yeah, I’ll have some of that.” However, if you are like me, you picked the first title that said Queen’s Blade and ended up horribly confused.

You see, there are many entries in the Queen’s Blade series, a series that by every right should be very simple and straightforward to watch. After all, it is a tournament anime about women fighting to win and become queen. It isn’t exactly a cerebral story line, but it is worth watching because the action is actually pretty cool sometimes and the ecchi is always something you can fall back on like a fleshy, fluffy feather bed.

The Best Watch Order For Queen’s Blade

The Queen’s Blade anime is like an old workhorse, it just keeps plodding along. This means there is really no release or chronological order to watch it in. You watch the series, you watch the specials if you want, and then you move onto the next series. There are a few caveats with series like Unlimited or Grimoire, but those will get a little section below to explain what they are and why the fit in where they do in the watch order.

How to Watch Queens Blade:

Queen’s Blade: The Exiled Virgin Queen’s Blade: The Inheritor of the Throne Queen’s Blade: Beautiful Warriors – This focuses on a more slice of life plot following the girls when they are not fighting in the tournament. Queen’s Blade OVA – Essentially just a short series of OVAs that set up for Rebellion Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Queen’s Blade: Vanished Queens – Follows the stories of the characters you did not see in Rebellion. This can be watched before or after Rebellion, really.

Related But Unrelated:

Queen’s Blade Unlimited Queen’s Blade: Grimoire

What is Queen’s Blade: Grimoire?

Grimoire is an alternatively set series with Queen’s Blade characters. They are essentially turned into fairy tale characters. You can watch it really at any point, but you get a little more out of it if you are at least familiar with the characters they are based on. I recommend watching Exiled Virgin and Inheritor to the Throne first.

What is Queen’s Blade: Unlimited?

Unlimited is a particularly slow releasing OVA series that is essentially remaking the Queen’s Blade series from the beginning. It is, from best I can tell, an excuse to use newer animation technology to make even shinier flesh. You can’t really fit this in anywhere because it is unfinished, but essentially it would be an alternative to watching Exiled Virgin.

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