15 Fantasy Comedy Anime Series

For some, they prefer a certain sense of seriousness to their fantasy anime where the creator works really hard at world building to create an enthralling show. There may be some light humor here and there, but the series has a plot and it is dedicated to it. However, in anime, not all fantasy series need to be like that. Sometimes the best ones are actually the comedy ones that really make light of what craziness is happening around them. If that sounds like what you are looking for in your next anime recommendation, then let us give you some options.


Konosuba features a main character who died and was given the chance to reincarnate into another world. He also gets to take one thing with him, so thinking himself clever, he takes the goddess he was talking to during his reincarnation. Unfortunately, she and basically every party member he attracts sucks pretty bad at everything. Konosuba is the tale of their oft-failing shenanigans.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

As a reverse type isekai show, Satan, the evil demon lord, was just about to take over his fantasy world fully when he is transported to our modern world. He decides to take it over one step at a time, first by getting a part-timer job to pay rent since he has lost his powers. It is fantasy and the mundane mixed in perfect measure.


Senyuu is the tale of the possible descendants of a legendary hero that are fighting to prevent a demon lord’s return. Unfortunately, since the demon lord’s defeat was 1,000 years ago, there is really no way to tell who is really descended from the hero. It leads to a lot of lackluster adventurers.

Bikini Warriors

Bikini Warriors follows four female adventures in your typical RPG lack of armor. However, not only is their armor sexy, but useless, their own personalities often get in the way of their party roles as well. Can’t really be an adventurer if you never succeed at any adventures, can you?

I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

In this series, the big bad demon lord was defeated by another adventurer. So, prospective adventurer Raul decides to get a retail job since the need for his heroic profession has dramatically dropped. He ends up being co-workers with the demon lord’s daughter who is pretty inept.

Blood Lad

Staz is a vampire who rules a section of the demon world. He has a fierce reputation, but is actually a human otaku. Imagine his joy when a human accidentally wanders into his realm. Unfortunately, she dies and now he has decided to help get her body back.

When Supernatural Powers Become Commonplace

Several high school students manifest supernatural powers. Excited to be heroes, their hopes are soon dashed when they find out there is no world-ending event or anything that really requires heroes. Instead they just end up messing around with their powers in school.

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

Takuma is a shut-in that only cares about his MMO character, Demon King Diablo. He is so powerful in game that no one dares challenge him. However, one day, he is summoned to another world where he appears looking like his online character. The pair of ladies that summoned him try to subjugate him with a spell, but it backfires and now they are the ones enthralled.


Brought together by happenstance, a morally gray sorceress and an upstanding knight find themselves pursued after burgling an artifact from some bandits. So begins a very long journey about a pair of opposites that traverse the world together.

My Bride is a Mermaid

After being saved by a mermaid while swimming, Nagasumi discovers that mermaid law demands that either the mermaid or the human must die after a mermaid reveals themselves to a human. One clause in the law is if he marries the mermaid, they can both live. In order to save both their lives, he does so. Unfortunately, he has married into a yakuza family of oddballs.

Outbreak Company

Finally applying for a job, Kanou the shut-in otaku finds himself kidnapped and taken to a fantasy world. He is tasked with spreading otaku culture across the land. Now in this land of elves, dwarves, and dragons, he must overcome discrimination, politics, and social classism with all the power a weeb can muster.

Hoozuki’s Coolheadedness

Hell – the eternal realm of damnation and torture. However, what you don’t know, is a lot goes into running it. This is the tale of not the damned residents, but Hoozuki, one of the administrators that needs to navigate the bureaucracy in order to make sure things run smoothly.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

With his world changing and his best friend moving away, Sasshi and his friend Asahina suddenly find themselves transported from their dying shopping arcade to a series of bizarre worlds. Sci-fi, RPGs, noir crime mystery – the worlds keep on going and getting even more bizarre as they try to find their way home.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Office lady Kobayashi’s world is thrown into chaos when, after saving a dragon after a night of drinking, that dragon shows up at her home and offers to be her maid. Of course, this dragon’s presence in the human world attracts a few of her peers and it affects the lives of several humans.

Humanity Has Declined

With declining birth rates, humanity is all but extinct. With fairies now overrunning the Earth, the last dregs of humanity try to live alongside them and their very absurd shenanigans.

Do you have any more recommendations for anime that are both fantasy and comedy? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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