Anime Series Like Assassin’s Pride

Forced into small encased cities by the lycantheropes, human nobles have the ability to use mana to fight back. At the age of 13, Melida Angel has yet to manifest her mana. She is introduced to Kufa Vampir who is meant to help her as a tutor. Unfortunately, his secret job is to assassinate her if she proves to not be able to use mana. While he learns he must kill her, Kufa is struck by her determination and belief in herself. Instead of assassinating her, he decides to help her learn to awaken her mana.

While this series jumps rope between having huge potential and letting itself down, it is at very least a good story that you can really project yourself into. If you are looking for more anime series like it, then head on down below.

For Fans of Student and Teacher

Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

Sistine is a dedicated student at the magical academy where she hones her skills. She eventually hopes to solve the great mystery of the Sky Castle, but when her teacher retires, the replacement, Glenn, turns out to be a lazy bastard. How is it this incompetent man was hand-picked as the best magician in the academy?

Both shows take place in a school type setting where a girl grows close to her teacher. Her teacher, of course, is secretly very powerful as well. However, both parties are skilled in Akashic Records so that presents a different sort of dynamic.

Sky Wizard’s Academy

After nearly being wiped out by giant insects, humanity has fled to floating cities. Now, wizards are trained to fight back against them. Kanata is one such person, but has been labeled a traitor. In order to redeem himself, he is tasked with teaching team E601, which consists of three girls with problems of their own.

Essentially if you multiplied Melida by three, you would have this show. It has a similar threat to humanity and a similar way of fighting back. However, as the Sky Wizard’s Academy is a bit of a comedy show, it lacks the same serious element.


It has been five hundred years since humanity went extinct at the hands of the mysterious beasts that roam the land. Now the surviving races have retreated to floating islands in the sky out of reach of most of the beasts. However, there are ones nimble enough to put these people in danger. A small group of young girls, a race called the Leprechauns, are now raised as the only ones that can wield ancient weapons to fend off invasion by the beasts, but it often requires them to sacrifice themselves and they don’t often live to see adulthood. Enter Willem, the last surviving human woken from his slumber and sent to watch over these girls, still feeling the sting from the final battle where he lost everything five hundred years ago.

While not a teacher, Willem does sort of adopt a father figure role over the much younger leprechauns. He also develops a closer, more romantic relationship with one of the older girls and plays a very similar role in teaching them how to survive their fights.

For Fans of Magic School Setting

Irregular at the Magic High School

After magic, once thought to be folklore, was turned into a technical skill, schools to teach it opened all over. At one such school are siblings Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba. While Miyuki excels, her brother is placed in a lower class due to his seemingly magical ineptitude. However, he has rather unique abilities that make him quite irregular.

Both anime series follow main characters that have trouble with their magical abilities. However, that is not quite true in Irregular at the Magic High School. Regardless, it is a magic series in a school setting that wavers between serious moments and comedy.

The Familiar of Zero

Louise is a self-absorbed mage at the prestigious Tristain Academy. Unfortunately, she can’t cast magic right and her classmates call her Louise the Zero. One day during a summoning ritual, Louise messes it up again and summons a boy named Saito. At first she treats him as a slave until she discovers a powerful brand on him, the sign of a legendary familiar known as Gandalfr.

Both series take place in a school setting where a girl is bullied due to her lacking magical abilities. However, after the appearance of the male characters in their lives, things turn around. However, The Familiar of Zero is much more of a comedy series, but with some serious moments.

Little Witch Academia

Although Atsuko is an ordinary girl, she became enamored by witches and magic by a magic show she saw as a kid hosted by a witch named Shiny Chariot. Now she has aspires to be a witch, taking the first step by joining a renowned academy for witches call Luna Nova Academy. Although she faces hardship as a first generation witch and fan of Shiny Chariot, whom many consider a fraud, she and her two friends do their best each new day.

While this series is a little sillier at times, it is all about someone trying to learn magic in a sort of school setting. However, there is less romance and the art style is definitely a unique one.

For Fans of Humanity Under Threat

God Eater

In the year 2071, humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction by man-eating monsters called Aragami. Immune to traditional weapons, they roam the land, but an organization called Fenrir with it’s human-hybrid God Eaters are the only ones capable of killing these Aragami. The story follows Lenka, a God Eater, who must master her powers in order to wipe out the Aragami once and for all.

While God Eater lacks the same sort of school setting, it does follow a protagonist trying to learn to use their powers to fight a menace that threatens humanity. However, God Eater is more action-heavy and much more brutal.

Black Bullet

In the near future, humanity was infected by a parasitic virus know as Gastrea that turns them into monsters. To counter the Gastrea monster threat, a group of kids known as the Cursed Children were created by being infused with a small dose of the virus, just enough to give them superhuman abilities and fight for what remains of the human race.

These series follow the same formula. Humanity is pushed back, only special people can defeat the threat, the main character is special in some way. However, unlike Assassin’s Pride, there isn’t that same teacher-student relationship and Black Bullet is more action-oriented.

Seraph of the End

After a mysterious virus killed every human over 13 years old, the vampires rose up with a promise to protect the survivors. The only thing they asked in return is donations of blood. For Yuuichirou and Mikaela, they have grown tired of being livestock and pose a daring escape plan. It ultimately fails with only Yuuichirou left alive. However, after joining up with a mercenary company, he swears vengeance on the vampires, no matter the cost.

While Assassin’s Pride essentially has humanity forced back by werewolves, it is vampires in Seraph of the End. However, Seraph of the End uses a sort of “demon in the weapon” sort of skill to defeat vampires instead of the magic used in Assassin’s Pride. While Seraph of the End is more militaristic, it also does have a school vibe to it.

Do you have any more anime recommendations like Assassin’s Pride? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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