10 of the Best Muscle Ladies in Anime

Your typical anime lady is, well, if not moe, at least cute. She is likely thin and even if athletic, not exactly bulging with muscles. Yet, if you have an interest in women with great bulging muscle and distinct ab definition, there are a few examples to be found in anime. Although there is no true gender equality in anime when it comes to huge muscle mass, alas. So your muscle ladies can be a task to find.

Mikasa in Attack on Titan

Undoubtedly at this point the most famous muscle lady, Mikasa looks pretty unassuming in most cases. However, that makes it a treat when seeing her bare arms or bare midriff when she does show them off. You’re just smacked in the face when those abs come out ready to grate steel. Saving Eren is the best workout, no doubt. However, Mikasa does take her training very seriously.

Michelle Davis in Terra Formars

If you like muscles and fighting, Terra Formars is a must for you. Even the first season of the anime forwent any plot in order to just show off the tons of buff characters fighting buff cockroach people. Anyway, one of the best examples for female muscle definition in any anime lies with Michelle. She is a strong leader in both personality and rock-hard abs.

Kale in Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball, for all its fighters, has never really had “muscular” females. There have been many scrappy ones, but they were all created as slim as any anime women. However, Dragon Ball Super changed it all by allowing female Saiyans to go Super Saiyan, creating Kale that definitely looks like she never said no to kale or circuit training.

Sakura in Danganronpa

Danganronpa is well-known because it has colorful and often over-the-top character designs. Sakura, being the top high school martial artist, is of course very well muscled. So much so, that it makes her traditional high school sailor outfit look so out of place. A bit like dressing up a bear, if you will.

Maki in Fire Force

Newest among the muscle ladies, Maki is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to muscle mass. As a previous soldier, she gained a good bit of body definition. However, she is not quite as bulging as the other ladies on this list. What’s more, she is a bit self conscious about it since you can’t be super cute and super swol. At least, she thinks you can’t.

Bisky in Hunter x Hunter

Don’t be fooled by the cute moe facade of Biscuit that you first see. Her real form is as swol as the best of them. She just keeps it hidden for the sake for being cute, although it doesn’t damper her strength too much.

Nikuma in Qwaser of Stigmata

Qwaser is a show you watch if you are interesting in things other than muscles on a woman. As an ecchi show, a muscle lady may not be what you expect, but then there is Nikuma. Called Hell’s Dairy Cow for her…Udders? And her muscles. And that stern face. She checks off one of many kinks, I guess.

Sofia in Jormungand

One of the best things about Jormungand is that it doesn’t pretend people are a stereotype. Everyone works in shades of gray and everyone has a certain ugliness to them. It also has one of its own muscle ladies, Sofia. It just wouldn’t be complete without her since it is a show about tough mercenaries, and that line of work, one would imagine, requires physical fitness.

Matrona in Seven Deadly Sins

You might think that Diane has the largest muscles in Seven Deadly Sins, a show that isn’t afraid of a little muscle mass on either gender, and you would be almost technically right. However, while her giant’s blood does make her muscle large, she is actually pretty shapely. A more traditional example is Matrona who look like she just stepped out the gym on everything day and is in a state of constant flex. Combine that she is also a giant and you officially have the biggest muscles in any anime ever.

Most Girls in How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift?

As a show about cute girls working out at a gym, you would go into it expecting muscle. However, while there are some over-the-top muscle parodies within, the girls are displayed in a more realistic, but still stacked way. It is an anime meant to encourage people to go to the gym, so it needs to show muscles as cool as well as beautiful. It does good work on that front.

Do you know of any more muscle ladies that might please a very select group of anime fans? Let them know in the comments section below.

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