Recommend Me Manga: 15 Yaoi Manga Series That Haven’t Been Animated (Yet)

We don’t do manga series in our recommendations here, just anime. However, that doesn’t mean that anime fans don’t want to lie in bed and read a few good chapters quietly before bed. Instead of branching out into manga recommendations, we’re going to give you a few good ones that you can look into. So if you want to read some good yaoi manga or are just some sort of anime hipster that wants to be all “I read the manga before it was cool and animated,” then check out these yaoi manga recommendations below.

Like The Beast

Ueda Tomoharu is a cop in the local Koban station. He is quite happy with his boring life until one day, when chasing down an underwear thief, he bumps into local Yakuza member Gotouda Aki and is suddenly confessed to. Star-crossed lovers doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship.


Junichi and Tatsuya are best friends since childhood. They also just so happen to love each other. This is the complex story of their lives growing up and realizing their feelings.

Only the Flower Knows

Yoichi is having the normal university life. He gets good grades and even has a girlfriend. However, one day he meets Misaki. He is a standoffish man, but he cant seem to get him out of his head. After he ends up working in the same lab as Misaki, he begins to understand what these feelings are.

Does the Flower Blossom?

Sakurai works for an ad agency. On his way home, he bumps into a young man, drops his magazine he needed for work, and ruins it. The young college student Yoichi just happens to have the same one and invites him to his large home that also functions as a boarding house. Sakurai is put off by him at first, but ends up visiting his house more and more.

I’m Home, Welcome Back

Masaki is a house husband while his husband Hiromu is an office worker. This is the story of their daily life alongside their two year old son Hikari.

Rutta and Kodama

Rutta is a delinquent who has a new strait-laced roommate. Soon, Rutta finds himself developing feelings for this Kodama and decides to change his ways. Though Rutta tries, it doesn’t go smoothly, but Kodama, unsure of his own feelings, begins to accept him.

Blue Sky Complex

Narasaki has a powerful need for quiet time due to his large family. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite imagine getting it by having his teacher strong arming him into minding the library. Even more unexpected was having to do it with Natsuki, the school delinquent.

Crimson Spell

Prince Vald was cursed to turn into a monster each night. In order to break it, he sets out with the skilled magician, Havi. While they quest, Havi uses his talents to try and sate the beastly appetites of Vald each night.

My Darling Kitten Hair

Kei moves in with his old friend and lover Mii. While they keep attempting to rekindle old feelings, they keep getting interrupted by the odd tenets in their Tokyo apartment.

Love Mode

This series focuses on the loves, the lies, and the heartbreak of the boys that work at the male escort service Blue Boy.

Katekyo ~ Private Teacher

In order to raise his grades, Rintarou is given a private tutor named Kaede. However, this man is causing his heart to throb, and he realizes that he is actually in love with him. Unbeknownst to him, Kaede has a bit of a sadistic side.

Ai no Kusabi

In the future on a distant star, society is ruled by a computer system called Jupiter. The men are ranked by hair colors, with Blondes being the highest as they were altered by Jupiter. One day, the leader of the Blondes meets a low ranking Black haired man on the streets and decides to own him.

Escape Journey

After entering college, Naoto has an unexpected encounter with his boyfriend from high school, Taichi. Taichi had broken up with him for being just sexual gratification, and this event made Naoto angry with him. However, over time, his feelings begin to soften again.

Delusion Elektel

While skipping class on the roof one day, Shunpei’s best friend Fumi comes out to him as gay. All ready to have a meltdown thinking that Fumi was thinking about him, it turns out that he wasn’t. In fact, Fumi already has a boyfriend, and this sends Shunpei into a different sort of meltdown.

Blue Morning

After his father’s death at ten, Kuze inherits his viscountship. The family’s butler, Katsuragi also takes over tutoring and raising the boy. Over time, Kuze finds himself drawn to the butler, but is frustrated by the cold distance he keeps between them.

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