You Can Now Play Super Mario 64 HD in Your Browser

On Christmas morning of 1996, the first level of Super Mario 64 was blowing the minds of millions of kids around the world simultaneously.

It looks a bit rough around the edges nearly 20 years later — but it’s still truly excellent. And now it’s been remade in glorious HD.

Game designer and blogger Erik Ross has created a fully playable, high-definition version of the iconic first level from Super Mario 64. 

You can now outrun giant cannonballs, squash Goombas and race Koopa the Quick all while getting filmed by the Lakitu Bros. in HD.

But some things were removed for the sake of expediency, since Erik has no plans to expand the remake beyond this first level. The massive Chain Chomp that downright terrified me as a kid as gone; there are no red coins to be found; there is no Big Bob-omb waiting to battle at the top of the hill.

But there are Goombas a-plenty, steel balls a-rollin’, and lots of things to explore.

And getting to explore is pretty easy, no matter what platform you’re on. Since it was built on Unity, with its deep-rooted cross-platform support, Erik was able to make it available for Windows, Mac, and Linux here.

Hell, you can even play it right in your browser… theoretically. You’ll need the Unity web player, but when I tried it in-browser it seemed like his servers were getting hammered.

Ross also uploaded a video sample of the level to YouTube and it delivers on its promise to deliver a smoother game. 

Feel free to call in sick tomorrow. Your inner 10-year-old will thank you.

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