Top 9 Most Heinous Things Players Have Done in "Grand Theft Auto V"

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular video games of all time. 

One problem though for some of the people who want to play it: the fact that it is rated for those 18 years of age and older.

And here’re the reason why GTA V is not OK for kids.


This is by far the most crass and unimaginative clip of the bunch, but it's also the one I've re-watched the most. 

Look at the details: how he distributes his weight just so before hauling around and wasting that mime. 

It looks like he's going to use his right arm first, but then that leftie hook curves up out of nowhere. The mime even manages to stop his fall with an outstretched hand. 

This is surprisingly good collision detection and animation, especially for a game that allows you to run full speed into trains with no consequences. 


No need to comment on this one. This Youtuber sums up things well enough. 


Normally, in GTA, cars that have taken too much damage explode. Almost any vehicle, if shot or crashed just right, will go up with a good boom eventually. 

Come to think of it, that's actually a pretty common trope in all video games. You can make warthogs in Halo 4 blow just by punching them. 

But apparently GTA cars can totally handle getting pancaked underneath a train. Add this to the quickly growing list of mysteries surrounding trains in this game. 


This video is titled "best death ever," but it's actually the most pathetic. 

You'll feel especially bad for this player once you see the what the guy in the next clip manages to survive. 

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Again, there are some serious questions raised about how momentum works in GTA V. 

Trains have unstoppable momentum (but they won't blow up cars), and parachutes instantly reduce falling objects to a safe speed, even when they're deployed 10 feet above the ground. 

The moment that makes this clip is the character's reaction right after he lands safely: "I'm just going to lay down for one second because that was nuts. Alright, yeah, I'm good, back to business." 


This clip originally got popular in GIF form on Reddit, but the horrific destruction of all the other players is made so much sweeter by the sound of that one guy screaming. 

He sounds like he's actually dying in a plane crash. Awesome. 


Remember what I said about exploding cars earlier? Yeah, this guy gets it. 

Assuming he's a cool guy, he's breaking the one rule about explosions: You don't look at them. 

He earns back those cool points by standing rooted to one spot while half a dozen flaming cars surge past him, though. 


You know how we learned that dumptrucks aren't good at stopping trains? I don't want to take you by surprise, but bullets aren't super great at it either. 


This clip raises some interesting questions about the way momentum works in GTA V. 

Apparently this train's momentum is so great that it's become a totally unstoppable force of destruction. It refuses to slow down even after a collision with two building-sized dump trucks. 

Also, hopping feet-first into the jagged metal side of a speeding train is apparently safe, so long as you do it with enough speed. 

Finally, we can conclusively say that GTA V doesn't feature limb-amputation physics, because if it did Trevor would have had a bit of a rougher time climbing aboard that speeding behemoth. 

See? Michael Siemsen’s 13-year-old son, this is just not the right game for you.


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