Top 10 Naruto Jutsu That Can Be Much More Useful in Real Life

The Naruto world is filled with powerful and effective jutsus.

But when it comes to the real world, which jutsu is the one you most want to master?

Now let's take a look at the 10 naruto jutsu that could be much more useful in reality.

10. Body Flicker

With this Naruto jutsu you can move at great speeds such that you will be unnoticeable. Think about how many cool things you can do under that extreme speed!

9. Byakugan

You don't need anyone to get you back anymore.

With this Naruto dojutsu’s almost 360 degrees field of view you’ll know it all, you’ll even know who’s doing what, behind the wall with its xray vision.

8. Transformation jutsu

With this jutsu one can look young and sexy for as long as you want, just as tsunade demonstrated, or maybe you want to transform into which ever thing you want.

7. Wood style

It always costs you a lot to buy a house and decorate it.

Wanna built a house in less than a minute, a bridge or furniture?

With this Naruto jutsu you have an instant access of anything wood.

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6. Shadow clone jutsu

Have you ever been crazy about multi tasking to a level where even your pc can’t hold?

Well this is the jutsu for it, you just got another and another and another you to copensate for that, awesome right?

5. Summoning jutsu

When you forgot your homework at home, you be like 'give me a second…summoning jutsu…phaaaa', there it is!

Imagine going to work empty handed, when you reach your office then your documents are just a few hand seals away.

4. Transparent escape technique

Master this jutsu you're able to become invisible into the blue, but you will be still aware of the environment and influence things while undetected.

3. Stone enlightenment jutsu

Well here you can reduce anything's weight just by touching it, there's no need to worry about eating too much fast food any more.

You can even enlighten your body so that you can float on air, have you ever dreamt about flying?

2. Kamui

Here you got to slip through any object you could wish to, you’ll be traveling in displcement instead of distances with this jutsu.

1. Flying Thundergod

This is one hell of a Naruto jutsu that allows the user to teleport to anywhere as long as they’ve marked the place with their seal.

Ever wished to get to some place instantly? Well here you’ve got the right jutsu.


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