Top 10 Sexiest Star Wars Cosplayers That Will Brighten Your Day

Whether or not you love Star Wars, you will agree that all of the ladies on the list are sexy.

Seriously though, these hot women make us want to re-create the Star Wars films and have them as the stars of the show. If there was ever a way to make geeks and nerds look hot, this would be it!

10. Adrianne Curry - Imperial Officer

Adrianne Curry was spotted at Comic Con in summer 2011, where she was dressed as an Imperial Officer from Star Wars.

9. Courtney Cruz - Stormtrooper

Besides putting her assets on full display, Courtney Cruz was the picture of perfect burlesque in a Stormtrooper corset and fun props.

8. Sara Underwood - Padme

When we saw Sara Underwood dressed as Padme, there was no turning back. Talk about giving this character some more exposure! Sara showed up in her cosplay and pulled out all the stops.

7. Courtney Black - Darth Talon

Now here is a cosplay costume that we could explore a bit further. Courtney Black dressed up as Darth Talon and completely blew everyone away.

6. Heather1337 - Boba Fett

Heather1337 is well-known as a cosplayer, and for good reason. She is a pro at what she does, and she is particularly fond of her Star Wars cosplay costumes. We love her in the Boba Fett costume.

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5. Liz Katz - Chewbacca

Okay, Liz Katz, come and be our little Chewbacca. This cosplay costume was adorable and seriously sexy all at the same time.

4. Lisa - Padme

Lisa's cosplay costume was perfect for her slim physique. It featured the iconic white of Padme's traditional garb, but this was turned up a few notches on the sexiness scale.

3. Olivia Munn - Slave Leia

We really loved Munn's bikini top, which was designed to scoop and slither down her chest, ending in a deep neckline that showed off her assets. She also had a beautiful armored bikini bottom that was paired with a long flowing scarlet cloth, just like in the movie.

2. Emily Rose Morrison - Mara Jade

They really don't come any hotter than Emily Rose Morrison. She is a nerd's dream come true. This hot actress, singer and model is also a huge Star Wars fan and pulls off the character of Mara Jade Skywalker with ease.

1. Kelly Brook - Slave Leia

Well, Kelly Brook is definitely a girl with some feminine assets, and that was fully apparent in her cosplay costume.

You will never be able to think of Star Wars in the same way again.

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