20 Fascinating Facts From Fairy Tail You Never Know

Like a lot anime out there, Fairy Tail contains hidden facts and trivia reserved for those with an inquisitive spirit along with keen ears and eyes.

The creator Hiro Mashima had also hinted a bit about the possibilities of the series and decisions that could have changed everything dramatically.

Without further ado, here are 20 funny Fairy Tail facts for your enjoyment!

1. Erza was Originally a Punk

Back during the early stages of Erza's design, Hiro Mashima wanted her to have an image that was intimidating for Natsu.

The original Erza design showed her with a look resembling a cross of an amazonian and a punk rocker.

It would've been interesting to see what Erza's personality would be like but a lot of people are already happy with how things turned out.


2. Lucy From The Beatles

The inspiration for Lucy's name comes from a song by the legendary band Beatles.

The song is titled "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and the references and image might have also been an inspiration to Lucy's design and powers.

3. Main Protagonists Ending Up Together?

Hiro Mashima once stated in an interview that he liked it when the male and female protagonist end up together by the end of the series.

Many feel that he was talking about Natsu Dragneel and Lucy Heartfilia, who are the two characters first introduced in the show.

Hiro even stated that if Natsu and Lucy had a son they would name him "Nashi".

4. Summer Dragneel

Natsu is a word in Japanese that means summer. It's a great reference to Natsu's fiery personality and power.

5. Freyr

Happy's name was originally supposed to be Freyr. Hiro felt that it didn't quite feel in tune with the character's personality so it was eventually changed.

6. Lucy's Ideal Boyfriend

Early on in the series Lucy is seen with a list of names that match her idea of an ideal boyfriend. On top of the list was Seigrain (whom we know now as Jellal).

7. Three Characters, One Voice

Ur, Ultear and Virgo are all voiced by the same voice actor, Miyuki Sawashiro. It's funny trying to imagine that she's actually talking to herself in some of the characters' conversations.

8. Dark Wendy

Before Wendy was made the timid and tough Sky Dragon Slayer, she was originally designed to be a Water Dragon Slayer.

It probably didn't fit in especially since Fairy Tail already had Juvia who had an affinity with water.

What's probably the most interesting part about her is that she was supposed to have a super-powered and somewhat evil dark side.

9. Horned Natsu

Another one that was scratched was Natsu's original design.

He was supposed to have horns protruding from his head which was probably an ode to Natsu's past with Igneel or with Zeref.

10. The Death of Makarov

While Makarov is still strong and healthy, it was not supposed to be that way.

He was originally intended to die in the Tenrou Island Arc after the attack of Acnologia.

While we're glad he didn't perish, it's kind of interesting to think about how things would've been if he wasn't there for the future arcs of the series.

11. Early End

Fairy Tail was originally meant to end a few main story and filler arcs, which is why early references to Gildarts were omitted from the anime unlike the manga.

12. Mavis Gender Swap

In Mavis' original design she was supposed to be a male.

Hiro figured that the name Mavis was used for women a lot which in turn changed Mavis to be what she is today.

13. Cardcaptor Lucy

Lucy was originally intended to use cards instead of keys for her celestial spirits.

It was changed because it resembled a certain anime a bit too much.

14. Ultear's Run

Ultear is considered to be the longest running antagonist in the series.

She's the only villain to have been present in three major arcs of the series (Garuna Island, Tower of Heaven & Tenroujima).

15. Titania, Queen of the Faeries

Erza Scarlet's title is actually a reference to a popular Shakespeare play titled "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

The faerie queen in the play is as you've guessed, Titania.

16. Natsu and Happy the Collectors

It's shown that both Natsu and Happy are the sentimental type, collecting souvenirs from each of their adventures. An example of this is Lucy's maid costume from Garuna Island.

17. Red Natsu

Natsu was meant to have a red colored costume instead of a black one.

It was changed because it was hard to distinguish the costume with his flames.

18. Fairy Tail: The Messenger Guild

Hiro Mashima's first concept of Fairy Tail was supposed to be a guild of messengers.

Fooling around with the idea he eventually felt that it would be better if it was a guild of mages.

One thing that retained from the original ideas was Natsu's motion sickness. Messenger guilds are also mentioned as part of the lore surrounding Fairy Tail.

19. Acnologia

Acnologia, pronounced as Aku no Logia, literally means "Oracles of Evil".


20. Erza the Gourmand

There was an instance in the series where Erza was interviewed by a reporter.

She then mentions souffle and cheesecake as her favorite food.


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