Top 10 Best Dragon Ball Z Battle,You Want Know.

The fights in this list is made only from the TV series all the fights from the movies have not been included in this list.

This list is for sure going to bring back some of your awesome DBZ memories.

10. Nappa vs Everyone

Nappa and Vegeta came to earth after the defeat of Raditz by the hand of Piccolo’s attack.

Nappa was one of first strongest saiyan enemy to fight our DBZ fighters.

This was one of the first epic fights in DBZ. This battle resulted in death of Tien and Chatzou.

Also Piccolo was severely injured. Later he was defeated by Goku and killed by Vegeta for not being strong.


9. Vegeta’s fights on Namek

There were many intense fights on planet Namek. Some of the best fights were Vegeta’s fights with Cui, Zarbon and Dodoria. He also came back and killed Zarbon after his initial defeat. Vegeta also fought some of the members of Ginyu force. Vegeta was able to defeat some of them with few exceptions until he was finally killed by Frieza.

8. Vegeta vs Cell

Vegeta after training in the hyperbolic time chamber came back even stronger.

The power level of Vegeta was above Cell’s second form. Cell was not able to stand a chance against the newly found ultra Super Saiyan form.

However Vegeta’s thirst to fight perfect Cell allowed Cell to absorb Android 18 and the new Perfect Cell defeated Vegeta.

7. Trunks vs Frieza

After Frieza’s was defeat on Namek Frieza returned to earth with his father King Cold to take revenge from earthlings.

However his plans backfired when a mysterious boy appeared to confront him. The boy was the future trunks.

He chopped and killed Frieza without much effort he also killed King Cold without any trouble.

6. Vegito vs Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed)

After Gohan, Gotenks and Piccolo were absorbed by Super Buu it seemed that it would be impossible to defeat him one on one even by Goku and Vegeta however with the help of Potora earrings Vegeta and Goku fused to form Vegitto whose power level were more than Super Buu (Gohan absorbed).

Vegito played with Super Buu before getting into his Body.

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5. Vegeta vs Fat Buu 

Fat Buu seemed to overwhelming to our Saiyan Prince however the fight between both of them was quite intense.

Fat Buu had an upper hand but Vegeta is not like the person who would easily give up so Vegeta decided to use his full power to kill Fat buu even if it meant to sacrifice his own life.

However even after sacrificing his own life Fat Buu was unaffected.

4. Goku and Vegeta vs Kid Buu

Vegeta and Goku fought Kid Buu like a tag team. Kid Buu was a complete crazy villain causing havoc.

However Vegeta and Goku were not able to defeat this monster at their max power.

Goku and Vegeta eventually lost all their energy in attempt to defeat Buu.

Buu was also able to withstand the spirit bomb and also tried to reverse the spirit bomb against Goku.

He was finally defeated when Goku’s energy was restored by using Namek’s dragon balls.

3. Gohan vs Cell

After fighting Cell Goku taught he won’t be able to defeat cell however he taught his son gohan has been keeping up with all other fighters since he was a kid.

Gohan was easily defeated cell until cell killed Android 16 which caused Gohan to go berserk and transform into Super Saiyan 2.

After Transforming into SSj 2 he was able to defeat Cell.

2. Goku vs Vegeta 

Vegta and Goku have laways been rivals but for the first time when Vegeta came to earth he was able to fight Goku one on one.

But eventually GOku overpowered him but Vegeta was quite smart and he used his technique to transform into great ape.

He was almost successful in killing Goku until Yajirobi severed his tail.

They also had a second fight during Majin Buu saga but the second fight was not a death battle just like the one on earth.


1. Goku vs Frieza

Goku vs Frieza is the most epic fight in DBZ in which Goku for the first time reached the legendary status of Super Saiyan after Frieza killed Krillin brutally in front of him. The fight went on to be intense.

Eventually destroying the planet at the end of fight Frieza was severed into two parts by his own attack however Goku felt pity for him and gave him some of his own energy to help him regain his consciousness.

However Frieza betrayed him and fired attack against him.

Goku backfired and defeated him.

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