Watch Out We Got A Badass Over Here !Top 10 Strongest Owari no Seraph Females

Hello Gem here with an episode of my series "strongest females". Its been a while huh?

Well today we are going to talk about a series that has mixed feelings about. Some love it and some don't. We personally like it a lot. 

Here are 10 Strongest Owari no Seraph Females

10. Aiko Aihara 

Aiko Aihara  was a sergeant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. She was the leader of a fifteen-man squad in the Moon Demon Company during the conflict in Nagoya.

Aiko fought against a lot of vampires including Mika. She had a bow as her weapon and was able to destroy a helicopter with one shot. She is really smart and a good leader.


9. Mitsuba Sangu 

Mitsuba is one of the members of Shinoa's Squad. She is my favourite character in the show.

And her weapon is my favourite too. She uses a giant battle axe which is perfect for mid and close range.

She can create blue flame demons which aren't that strong but are great for decoys. She is quick and deadly.

8. Shinoa Hīragi 

Shinoa is the leader of Shinoa's Squad. She's from the elite family Hīragi family. Shinoa is very sarcastic but get's serious whem needed.

It was hard deciding which of them was stronger but Shinoa's demon looks stronger and she is the leader after all. She wields a scythe which can summon a dark demon.

7. Aoi Sangu 

Aoi is the older sister of Mitsuba. She acts as the assistant of Shinoa's brother,Kureto. We haven't seen her fight,maybe just once but it's not enough to judge her.

We are  just putting her from hype (looking at you one piece characters). She is kureto's assistant so she has to be strong. She wields a katana similar to Yuu's.

6. Sayuri Hanayori 

Sayuri Hanayori is a second lieutenant of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army and a member of Guren's squad in the Moon Demon Company.

She is also a teacher in the training classes. Hanayori is an expert at using seals and talismans.

She also uses a wierd sword made out of sealing tags which is wierd because she has two little knifes on the manga. The sword is cooler in my opinion.

5. Shigure Yukimi 

Shigure is also a member of Guren's squad. She is the most mysterious and quiet out of all the members.

She is really good in spells but she mostly specialises in assassination techniques.

Like using ninja kunais with strings that she holds on her rings. She can set up traps to kill a lot of vampires in one moment.

4. Mito Jūjo 

Watch out we got a badass over here !

Mito is the badass girl of the show. She is the colonel of Guren's squad and is a very capable fighter. She fights in close combat with her gloves.

One punch of her and any vampire would get vaporised. She is really serious and fights always for the win and doesn't play with her opponents.

She is a fan favourite and honestly anyone could see why.

3. Chess Belle/Horn Skuld 

This one is a tie because we haven't seen them fighting without each other.

These beautiful ladies are the right hands of Crowley which is a damm strong vampire.

Chess uses a short sword and was strong enough to overpower Yuu and break the whole ground. While Horn was able to defeat Shinoa's Squad members with ease using her whip.

Interesting fact,the weapons are switched from the manga. In the manga is chess the one who uses the whip and Horn the one who has a similar sword as chess. we don't know why they reverse it but anyways.

2. Krul Tepes 

Thought she was going to be number one? Well there is someone else stronger just wait. Anyways Krul is the loli queen of the vampires in Japan.

Even though we haven't see that much of her we know that she is incredibly strong and is able to defeat super strong vampires like Crowley with one move.

She is really good at hand to hand and one swing of her arms can destroy a whole room.

It was a shame that she lost that easily to Ferid but with what we've heard she isn't dead .But for that some people think that Krul is weak which makes me so angry.


1. Mirai Kimizuki 

This is the part whem we warned you about spoilers.

Mirai is Kimizuki's sister and she is seraph like Yuu. She was experimented and developed seraph powers.

She gets a pair of 4 wings on her back and when she blows the holy trumpet she summons a giant Angel which is able to destroy everything around.

It can summon little minions too. Definitely the strongest female in the show,actually the second strongest character in the whole show. The final fight was amazing.


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